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Bloodborne Pathogens for Individuals



  • Online 24x7 self paced training
  • Only $24.99 for an individual
  • 1 Year nationally recognized certificate
  • Free retakes. You are guaranteed a certificate
  • Receive your certificate immediately upon completion
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand training
  • Up to 90 days to take and review the training
  • English and Spanish versions included

Bloodborne Pathogens for Organizations


$24.99 /person with discounts

Price Per Seat:


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Qty of Training Seats Pricing Per Seat
1 - 9 $24.99
10-24 $21.99
25 - 49 $19.99
50 - 99 $17.99
100 - 199 $14.99
200 - 299 $13.99
300+ See Custom Quote above


  • Group discounts available
  • No contracts, pay as you go, cumulative discounts
  • Zero administration: no need to create & administer usernames and passwords
  • Shared multi-user login for employees
  • Free retakes. Each employee is guaranteed a certificate
  • Certificates and transcript scores automatically emailed to account administrator
  • 1 Year nationally recognized certificate
  • Automatically creates and maintains detailed training log in MS Excel
  • English and Spanish versions included
  • No expiration date on any seats purchased

Bloodborne Pathogens Documentation Kit


$199.99 /Organization


  • Out of the box documents are meant to get your organization compliant quickly
  • Prebuilt best practices of all the OSHA BBP documents required
  • Documents are customizable as they are in Microsoft Word format
  • Average implementation time is 1 to 2 days assuming 1 person half time
  • We train a compliance officer at the same time by having them do a hands on implementation
  • Step by step guide along with online video explaining how to use the kit and exactly what you need to do
  • Call in support included if you have questions
  • We version the documents so you don't have to start from scratch when the regulations change
  • 1 year of free updates, no yearly subscription

Frequently Asked Questions


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for regulating the Bloodborne Pathogen standards, but they have never come out with a training vendor certification process.

So us and all the other vendors have just followed their guidelines. Given that, however, has been in the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen compliance space for many years and does full compliance not just training so our courses are very comprehensive and among the best out there.

Yes, the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standards are a federal regulation so our certification is recognized nationwide in all US states and territories.

You can take the final exam as many times as you need to pass and you can also take it multiple times if you want to try for a higher score. There is no charge for taking the final exam multiple times. You are guaranteed a certificate when you purchase a course.

For an individual account, you have up to 90 days from the date of signup to take the training. You can also login and review the training during those 90 days as well. For organizational training accounts there is no expiration date so any seats are good until used.

We don't offer an official eval program. However, we do offer a free demo of the first lesson on our website and you are welcome to signup for 1 seat to view it in full and if it does not meet your needs you are covered under our full money back guarantee.

Individual Training

For an individuals, they just need the Bloodborne Pathogen training which is $24.99 for a 1 year certificate.

Yes we do. That is our organizational training. Choose the Bloodborne Pathogens for Organizations item from the top products menu and go the Employee Training section.

No. Only if you have purchased organizational training. Our individual training is licensed to a single individual only.

The name on the certificate is independent of the name you use to register for the course. Our system will actually prompt the end user for their name on the certificate once they pass the final exam so that they can enter it exactly as they want it.

Organizational Training

Yes we do. Choose the Bloodborne Pathogens for Organizations item from the top products menu and go the Employee Training section.

Organizational training is for employers/groups that need to train their employees. It provides a single shared login that all employees can login to as well as group discounts starting at 10 seats and above.

Two seats. If you need to add licenses in the future, you can do so using the Add More Licenses link when you login to your admin dashboard.

Yes. To add additional licenses, login to your admin dashboard and click on the Add More Licenses link. There are no contracts and you simply pay as you go very much like a phone card.

Yes you continue to receive the same discount level on additional seats. So if you bought 25 seats, your pricing would be $19.99 for those 25 seats and also for any future seats you purchased. Additionally, as you continue to purchase seats with us we continue to discount you down in pricing as you hit the new tiers.

Yes we provide reporting free with the organizational training account. There are two types of reporting that we provide. The first is that you will receive an automatic email copy of each certificate generated under the account. The second is that we provide a real time training log that maintains a training log for you automatically. It will also allow you to regenerate a certificate from that Excel report at anytime in case you lost or misplaced a certificate.

Yes there is no requirement you purchase everything. You can purchase just what you need. So if you already have documents for example, you can just purchase employee training. However, if you are trying to get an organization compliant just know you have to have those other parts to be OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen compliant as an organization.

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