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Who is most at risk of infection by bloodborne pathogens?

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Posted On January 03, 2024

The risk of infection by bloodborne pathogens is not limited to specific health care professions; it extends to various jobs and activities where individuals may come into contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.

Health care workers, including nurses and doctors, are at an increased risk due to their frequent exposure to blood during medical procedures. However, other occupations in and around the health care industry also face similar risks. Here are some examples:

  • Housekeepers in Hospitals or Hospital Laundries: They may come into contact with contaminated linens or surfaces.

  • Laboratory Workers: Those working in laboratories where blood samples are handled or processed are at risk.

  • Employees at Blood Banks, Tissue Banks, or Plasma Centers: Handling blood and blood products increases the risk of exposure.

  • Dentists and Dental Staff: Dental procedures can involve contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.

  • Employees in Home Health Care: Those providing health care services in a home setting may encounter situations where bloodborne pathogen exposure is possible.

  • Medical Waste Handlers: Workers involved in the disposal and handling of medical waste are at risk.

  • Service and Repair Workers for Medical Equipment: Technicians who service and repair medical equipment may come into contact with contaminated materials.

  • Morticians: Handling deceased individuals may pose a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

  • Employees at Hospice Care Facilities: Those providing end-of-life care may be exposed to bodily fluids.

It's crucial for individuals in these occupations to follow proper safety protocols, including using personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks, practicing proper hygiene, and receiving vaccinations (where available) to reduce the risk of infection.

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